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posted on Jul 5, 2011 is the website of The Tell Popeyes Guest Experience Survey which is designed to provide past and current customers an opportunity to discuss their Popeye restaurant experience with company executives and managers of the restaurant.

The survey, which was designed by the Popeyes sales and marketing team, was created in an effort to develop a more effective communication vehicle between customers and the management team of the restaurant chain. The need to develop a better method of communicating with customers in the fast food industry has become a major number one priority as a result of so much heated competition between leading competitors. This includes not only competing with other chains in regards to food products and drinks, but also having to compete with other leading chains in regards to store appearance and customer service.

The Tell Popeye Feedback Survey is located online at, and also offers participants a chance to win an iPod and $1,000 in cash just for their time.

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On Wed.Oct.12,2011 12:38pm I visited the Popeyes store #1409 and made a purchase for 2 chicken breast & biscuits totaling the amount of $5.17 and I asked for honey mustard sauce for a condiment and the employee behind the counter#34 would only give me(1)and she refused to give me another one saying that they were only allowed to give me one and if I wanted another one I would have to purchase it. I was very upset because I'd made a purchase of(2) pieces of chicken! And I've visited many other popeyes resturants and have never expirienced or heard anything like that and I was wondering if this is a new policy?
Thank you,
Angry Customer - - posted 135 months ago by Ruby Hambrick

Today, Sunday, at 3:30 PM, Central time, I went to the Popeye's on Bandera Rd. & Culebra St. in San Antonio, Tx & ordered a 3 piece dinner with an individual order of beans & rice. The food was delicious but the bean & rice cup was NOT even 1/2 full. In addition, the tables and floors were dirty. There were 3 workers behind the counter who were just joking around while they could have been cleaning up. Also, there was no hot water in the men's-room sink. There was only one other table that was occupied & I think that it is due to your lack of discipline at this store. I hate to think that ALL your stores are being run in this lazy manner. After all, discipline radiates from the top down. Do yourself a favor & institute a better work discipline throughout your all your corporate stores. Thank you. - Victor Soto - posted 117 months ago by Victor Soto

Today I Visited one of your restaurants #11175, located in Roanoke Virginia. I ordered two breast and biscuit meals , which were to be put in separate boxes. When I got home the two breast were in the same box and there was only one biscuit, which was broken and crumbly. I contacted the restaurant promptly to let them know what happened, I was told that the preparer was probably not told to package them separately.(ok your error) I told the person on the phone that I was going to bring the order back since I was not satisfied, and the order had to go to some else and we were not going to eat out of the same box, and further more and one of the biscuits was omitted. I was told the only thing that could be done was to be given another empty box to separtate the order. OMG!!! WHAT, where is the customer service, this was an error on the part of the restaurant. I just kept the order, I am very disappointed. This franchise has been operating just over a year, and I and my husband constantly have problems with our orders. as well as so many others. Enough is Enough. Rudeness and lack of customer appreciation can not be tolerated. Someone needs to conduct some mandatory Customer Service/Satisfaction classes for these people... There is a lot of competition out there, and their jobs depend on us the Customer, who can and will take our business elsewhere... There are a lot of empty buildings that used to be in business around here, and word of mouth is a powerful advertisement. - L Haskins - posted 116 months ago by linda

today I visited popeye 11151 and had a coupon for a two pc. chicken and biscuit for $1.99, but was told I could only get One order per coupon. the coupon does not indicate that. unlike KFC the do indicate 1,2 or 3 orders per coupon. we are senior citizens with fix SSI. we try to take advantage of specials when available. we have going to popeye's since they open here. we might consider going back to KFC. - - posted 114 months ago by robert

we went to store 11181. your chicken has someting to be desired. has no flovor fries were cold biscuts looked like they had been frozzen and were way to small. Bojangles has you beat hands down on food and taste. and price. this was my first time ever eating at popeyes and will proble be my last. we had heared that you were great but i did not see it or taste it. - C. Mitchell - posted 114 months ago by charles mitchell

The chicken strips were hard like they were from the previous day, Yuck!!
To bad Airtex location, It was close by work - brenda - posted 108 months ago by brenda

I only go on Tuesday to get the >99 cen leg and thigh special. If I get the email from the survey. I will but the 2 peice and biscuit for buy a large drink. - edgar brown - posted 107 months ago by edgar brown

Went to our local pop eyes in Fremont California store 10320 And ordered the wicked combo meal that was to include blackened dipping sauce and a small bottle of Tabasco sauce. No dipping sauce available and we got crystals hot sauce in a packet instead of the Tabasco bottle. The poster advertising the wicked meal deal was within touching distance from the cash register. You shouldn't advertise something that you can't deliver. Also no honey for the biscuits. The chicken and fries were good but would have been excellent with everything that was supposed to come with the meal. Very disappointing! The last time I went to pop eyes was over 5 years ago. I suddenly remembered why I don't eat at your restaurant very often. - Suzy - posted 107 months ago by Suzy

Popeyes in Broussard, La suck, they All need to be fired! poor slow service! I was there today at lunch before rush hour & it took them 35 minute to make my shrimp po'boy! they have always been slow w/ everything, even if it's not lunch time! they need help there. I don't go often bc of their poor slow service! please help them..... - - posted 103 months ago by Sunni

I was very annoyed with popeyes in my last visit. After purchasing a the piece meal i was watching the girl load the box of chicken with my order. I saw her delibertly taking the big pieces to chicken and throwing them to the side Daniel she took the smaller pieces and put them in my box. As. A former popeyes employee my self i found her actions appaling. They should serious consider the actions to their employes Daniel there are numerious other places to buy fried chicken. - Stephen Boudreaux - posted 96 months ago by Stephen

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